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ATC Woodworking CNC Router
  • ATC Woodworking CNC Router
  • ATC Woodworking CNC Router
  • ATC Woodworking CNC Router
  • ATC Woodworking CNC Router

ATC Woodworking CNC Router

ATC LSW1325 Woodworking CNC Router introductions:

Auto Tool Changer CNC Router is designed for the work requiring several different tools to make. This machine improve the work efficiency much. With Servo motor and Driving system, machine give out high accuracy, with the linear guide rail and rack pinion transmit way matches, work speed much higher. The Cast Steel structure ensure the stability of the products much. This equipment solves the problem of waste time on the frequently tool changing manually.

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LSW1325 Woodworking CNC Router Features: 

1. Machine adopts imported Linear guide rail. Ensures the accuracy of the machine.

2. Y-axis adopts advanced dual-axis Rack Pinion transmission, dual servo motor driver system which ensures speed, strength, and accuracy of automatic cutting.

3. High processing-speed, fast cutting speed, high efficiency, max speed is up to 60 meters / min.

4. Perfect performance. The professional human control system has advantages as continuing engraving when occurring break point or off power. Processing time can be forecast. It has back to the origin and automatic correction function.

5. It adopts air cooling variable frequency motor with constant power, strong cutting power and high speed range, torque, and high precision. Easy to maintainace

6. Large compatibility. CAD/CAM designing software like Type3/ArtCAM/Castmate/Ucancam and so on.

7. Adopting advanced three-dimensional curves of the Budget Act a smooth line to ensure that the curve of the speed and accuracy of operation

8. Convenient control: it uses unique intelligence budget principle, to achieve high-speed processing, more perfect curve to improve the processing efficiency. Machine adopts DSP control system or Syntech Intelligent Control system, USB interface, machine can be used without computer.

9. Dual Fix ways: Vacuum adsorption and T-slot aluminum table are provided.

10. All in one function control box. The separately control box composite all the functions, convenient to operate.

11. Automatic oiling system. It lubricate the linear rail automaticlly, maintainace of the guide rail more easilly

12. Auto tool changer Functions: Equipment adopts linear auto tool changer stock, 6 or 8 tool stocks optional. It saves much time on tool changing manually.

Woodworking ATC machine applications:

Woodworking CNC Router is mainly used in furniture making industry, furniture decoration industry,

wood craft industry, wood decoration industry, automotive tooling industry, solid wood furniture, solid

wood door, classical furniture, decoration material, door cabinets, computer tables, plate furniture,

office furniture, wooden sound box, wooden kitchen furniture and other processing.

ATC LSW1325 Woodworking CNC Router parameters:



XYZ axis travel distance


Feeding height


Table size


Spindle power


Rail type

linear rails

Control system


Drive type

Stepper or Servo motor


XY gear rack and Z ballscrew

Table type

Vacuum absorption with T slot clamping

Working precision



AC380V±10% / 50~60Hz

Compatible Software

Type3/Artcam/UG/Pro-E/Mastercam/Ucancam etc

Command code

HPGL, G code

ATC LSW1325 Woodworking CNC Router

ATC Woodworking CNC Router

ATC Woodworking CNC Router

ATC Woodworking CNC Router

ATC Woodworking CNC Router

ATC Woodworking CNC Router

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