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Upwards Motorized Laser Engraving machine

LP-D1390 Compact Co2 Motor lift Granite Laser Engraver

1). Upper part and the under part of the machine are separated. The upper part can put on large and thick marbles/stones/granite directly. 

2). The machine is with double up-down worktable. The upper part and the under part can move up and down automatically, which are very convenient for thick material.      

3). Very useful for small house doors.

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LP-D1390 Divisible Laser Engraving Machine

Divisible Stone Engraving Laser Engraving machine is developed for heavy materials. It brings great convenience to customers. The machine is designed by upper part and lower part, and the two parts can be separated. The upper part can be moved down from the machine, and the lower part can configure suitable platforms according to customers’ requirements. The design changes the traditional engraving method. For some heavy materials we can put the upper part onto them, so that avoiding the difficulty of moving heavy material. Meanwhile, it solves the problem that platform has a limited bearing ability. Both parts can be up and down so that engraving objects with greatly thickness changing is much easier to process.

With unique design, excellent technique, our divisible style laser engraving machines are popular in marble engraving industry and many heavy material engraving industries.

LP-DM1390 Divisible Laser Engraving Machine:

Working area130cm*90cm / 51.2in*35.4in
Equipment size500mm*1780mm*800mm/98.43in*70.1in*31.5in
Laser power90W
Laser typeCO2 sealed laser tube, water-cooled, 10.6um
Engraving speed0-60000mm/min
Cutting speed0-30000mm/min
Laser output control1-100% software setting
Communication interfaceUSB
Smallest Character EngravingEnglish 1.0mm*1.0mm
Locating Precision≤±0.01mm
Highest Scanning precision2500DPI
Power supply220V/50HZ , 110V/60HZ
Graphic format supportedBMP, PLT, DST, DXF, AI
Software supportedCorelDraw, PhotoShop, AutoCAD,TAJIMA
Driving system3 phase stepper motor
Package size2570mm*1850mm*880mm/101.18in*72.83in*34.65in (L*W*H)
Spare Parts Recommend (R): Laser Tube(R), Lens(R), Mirror(R)
Optional Parts:
1. Water chiller2. Rotary tool with rollers/Rotary tool with clips3. Red dot positioner4. Honeycomb work table5. Auto focus

LP-D1390 Divisible Laser Engraving Machine

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