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Lansen wish to establish long term business relationship with you!

Nov. 18 , 2021

Lansen wish to establish long term business relationship with you!





Jinan Lansen Laser Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2010. We are located in Jinan city, Shandong, P.R. China, where is the CNC and Laser equipment production base. We commit ourselves to the development of CNC and Laser technologies always.

We manufacture various kinds of CNC and Laser products, Our improvement resources mainly come from the demands of the clients. So we welcome every client to give us your valuable opinions on the machine.


now produce more than 40 models CNC and Laser equipment, includes Laser marking machine, Laser Engraving machine, Laser Cutting machine, CNC Router, CNC Plasma Cutting machine and so on. Our Laser Marking machine includes Co2 Laser Marking machine which used for nonmetal material mark and cut, Fiber Laser Marking machine which used for metal and some nonmetal mark and cut; Our Laser Engraving Cutting machine are also widely used in various fields, like art craft engraving cutting, stone engraving, cloth, leather and textile cutting, metal cutting, hobby and so on.

Our CNC Router is a more applied equipment for Industry. They are mainly used in woodworking and advertising lines. Then our CNC Plasma Cutting machine is mainly used in metal cutting work.

Our machines are welcomed worldwide and have exported to USA, Canada, Brazil, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, UK, Russia, Finland, Poland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Danmark, Italy, France, Spain, Estonia, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey, Australia, India, Tailand, Barlin, Hungry, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Egypt and so on countries.


Jinan Lansen Laser Equipment Co., Ltd is with our own production line and export operations right, products provided by us directly, with shorter delivery time, longer warranty time, and OEM service is accepted; Without intermediate business, price better; various models and completely functions to meet various clients' requirement; Honest enterprise, can guarantee the quality, make the buyers more rest assured.

LANSEN Brand promise to supply HIGH quality products support you on expanding the market.


At the same time, we also provide OEM service.If you wish products with your own brand, if you need a more personalized type machine. The OEM service could provide you nice experience.

We wish we can establish long business cooperation relationship.

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