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Lansen laser:mini 4060/4040/6060 cnc router

Jan. 11 , 2021

Lansen laser:mini 4060/4040/6060 cnc router

Lansen mini cnc router

Small size:you can move it easily,put it wherever you want

Mach 3 control system:control it with computer easily

2.2kw water cooling spindle:with high precision

High quality parts:Stepper motor,square rail,TBI ballscrew transmit device......



Applications:Advertising work.

It is suitable for soft wood,hard wood, MDF, Aluminum and plastic composite panel,Acrylic sheet, 

ABS double color sheet, PVC foam sheet, wooden sheet,PCB Aluminum sheet etc.

Lansen laser:mini 4060/4040/6060 cnc routerLansen laser:mini 4060/4040/6060 cnc router

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