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laser marking machine

Jan. 06 , 2021

The laser marking machine, also known as a laser etching machine, is certainly the best marking tool available. It can etch permanent marks on a wide range of materials. Laser marking offers high-quality permanent marking that is fast and reliable. It is hard to damage to the marks made by these machines – not even oils, vapors, emulsion, high temperatures, and other extreme operating environments can affect them. Marking is a non-contact process with lower costs of operation and consumables than other marking methods. Furthermore, you can use the laser marker to impose texts, codes and other useful information like serial numbers on your products.


lansen is a professional laser marking/etching and engraving machine supplier. As experts, we focus on providing machine laser engraving solutions that will meet our customers’ needs.


We are a company based in China. Because of our location, we can offer a wider range of laser marking machines. You’re sure to find a price and configuration that suits you.

Our laser marker goes to more than 50 countries. The majority of our business takes place overseas, so we know how to deliver service to high international standards.

We design our laser marking systems for integration into the customer’s production line. By automating marking, we help our customers save labor costs and improve efficiency.

With so many laser marker options for sale on the market, things can be confusing. There are laser marking tools available for all sorts of things that might need to be marked, so it can be a challenge to pick the right laser marking tool for your purposes. There are some critical parameters to consider while selecting the laser marking tool: the type of material, the marking quality you need, and marking speed.


Laser engraver creates readable marks by generating a visual contrast between the text and the background. It does so through two methods: change of color or change in specular reflection. Machine laser can also perform more than just engraving; they can also do ablation (etching), annealing, color change (carbonization/bleaching), and, foaming. 

laser marking machine

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