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How to engrave a heavy stone?

Sep. 09 , 2020

When you want to engrave a very heavy stone,how can you put it on the laser machine?


When we see this problem, we may be thinking, how can we lift a heavy stone onto the laser engraving machine without much effort?

Lifting the stone is very laborious, so let's change the way to carve the stone. We can put the machine on the stone and carve it.

Then we newly designed a stone laser engraving machine,which one is removable.

How to engrave a heavy stone?

This stone machine can be removed, and the upper body of the machine can be put on the stone to work. 

If you need to carve small items, you can also put it on the worktable.

It is convenient to crave heavy materials so this stone laser engraving machine is widely used in tombstone engraving work.

The following is sample pictures for reference:

How to engrave a heavy stone?

If you have any object or material want test, please send us, we will help test free and send you test video and photos,

 and suggest you the suitable parameter for CO2 laser engraving machine.



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