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CO2 Laser Marking machine
  • CO2 Laser Marking machine
  • CO2 Laser Marking machine

CO2 Laser Marking machine

LP-MC Co2 Glass tube Laser Marking Machine has rapid working speed, high Stability. It is one high tech product that can offer perfect marking result, anti-false signs for many industries such as : Leather Working, agricultural products, Carton Box, Bottles, etc.

This machine adopts common co2 glass tube laser device, it's universal machine model and uses post-focus method.

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LP-MC Co2 Glass tube Laser Marking Machine applications:

Various of nonmetal materials. The marking contents are not limited; includes Characteristic design or graphics, company trademark, product serial numbers, supervising unit, sole original place,etc. It can effectively avoid disorderly competition of fake goods and increase added value of products.

Co2 Laser Marker feathures:

Fast speed marking on non-metal materials, marking speed may achieve 230 characters per second. 

Mark the small area leather or textile material cutting, with maximum marking area 200mm*200mm. 

Mechanism as well as the control system can be custom-made according to customer special requirements.

Applicable Materials:

This Co2 Laser Marker Machines can be used in wood, paper, leather, cloth. Plexiglass, epoxy, acrylic, plastic, ucsaturated polyester resin and other non-metal materials


Applicable Industry:

This series Co2 Laser Marking Machine is widely used in leather, food, beverage, cloth, electronic, meter, communication instruments, package and other industries, can be combined with streamline for online marking. 

Co2 Laser Marking machine Glass tube version has advantages as following:

1. High Speed: Imported Laser Scanning System Makes the Marking Speed up to 8000mm/s.
2. High Precision: Re-Position Precision is 0.002mm.
3. High Quality of Laser Beam: Good quality laser beam, long time working life and free of maintenance.
4. Available Data Networking: Greatly mark data, series number & bar code automatically function. 
5. Integrated and Compact: Small Size, only 0.5 M2, can be Put on Desk and Easy to Install.
6. Easy Operating: Easy Operation, VCD Training, Trouble Free. 


Advertisement Material 

Garment Material 

Wood Material 

Acrylic engraving and cutting, 

Plastic engraving and cutting, 

PVC board engraving and cutting, 

Rubber plate engraving, 

Seal engraving, 

Organic glass engraving, 

Plexiglas engraving, 

Marble engraving, 

Granite engraving, 

Gum engraving, 

EVA materials engraving, 

Paper engraving and cutting. 

Leather engraving and cutting, 

Textile engraving, 

Fabric engraving, 

Cloth engraving, 

Shoes engraving, 

Jeans engraving, 

Carpet engraving and cutting, 

Toy cutting, 

Woolen cutting, 

Denim engraving and cutting. 

Wood engraving and cutting

MDF engraving 

Plywood cutting 

Bamboo engraving 

Co2 Laser Marking Cutting machine  parameters as following:



Work Area (cm)


Laser Generator

90W CO2 Glass Laser Tube

Laser Power




Min Character


Marking Speed


Marking Depth


Repeat Precision


Cooling Style

Air Cooling

Power Supply


Gross Power


Operating Temperature




Standard Fittings Parts

Simple up/down working platform, cooling, controlling systems

More photos about Co2 Fiber Laser Marking machine refer to following:

CO2 Laser Marking machine

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